Research Workshops

Fabulating Futures for Flourishing and Vibrant Worlds (Nordes 2023)

Challenges and Opportunities for Designing with Biodata as Material
(NordiCHI 2020)

RtD in Situ: Discussing the Domains and Impact of Design Research (DIS 2020)

Doing Things with Research through Design: With What, With Whom, and Towards What Ends? (CHI 2019)

“Grand Visions” for Post-Capitalist Human-Computer Interaction (CHI 2018)

Sociomateriality: Infrastructuring and Appropriation of Artifacts (TEI 2018)

The Things of Design Research: Diversity in Objects and Outcomes (CHI 2017)

Attending to Objects as Outcomes of Design Research (CHI 2016)

Unmaking: 5 Anxieties (Transmediale 2016)