data democracy

How does Atlanta feel about
right now?

what we do

Technological development has opened the door to truly direct democratic participation. Online social media and the prevalence of user-generated content have provided an opportunity for everyone to have their say.

Using a combination of data-mining, web-spidering, and sentiment analysis, Data Democracy provides realtime feelings about issues, supplying the grist of governance.

why it works

Real-time geolocated sentiment analysis provides a way for civic issues to be evaluated in real time, creating a governmental infrastructure that is responsive, responsible, and respectful of the needs of citizens.

Because Data Democracy examines the feelings of political areas at all times, voting and its low turnout can be eliminated. Political parties and the rancor around elections, as well as wasteful campaign spending become unnecessary.

what you get

Data Democracy uses proven technologies that have been successfully applied to fields like advertising and marketing.

Understanding consumer habits is very similar to uncovering electorate sentiments around proposed civic and social issues. Data democracy works at the level of metadata, ensuring that no individually-identifiable information is kept from any single issue.